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District Energy Systems


Dockside Green Energy, Victoria, BC - a community heating system utilizing biomass gasification:

North Vancouver, BC - Lonsdale Energy Corporation has been providing district energy to the Lonsdale Quay and Lonsdale Avenue corridors:


Prince George BC - is establishing a Downtown District Energy System that will draw upon the system already in place at Sinclar Group Forest Products’ Lakeland Mills:


Strathcona County, AB - a natural gas powered district energy system for the County Hall, sports facilities, and other buildings in the Centre in the Park development:


UBC - University of British Columbia is adding a biomass gasification source to its heating and electrical generation capacity:


UNBC - University of Northern British Columbia has installed a biomass gasification system to heat the campus and provide research opportunities:,


Vancouver, BC - The City of Vancouver is served by several district energy systems, including the long established central system and the new Southeast False Creek sewerage heat recovery system:

Windsor ON - Windsor Utilities Commission’s district energy system serves the downtown core of Windsor:


Professional Associations


BCBN - BC Bioenergy Network - Established with an initial grant from the BC government, the BC Bioenergy Network serves as a catalyst for deploying near-term bioenergy technologies and supporting relevant research to build bioenergy capability in BC:


CANBIO - the Canadian Bioenergy Association - representing the Canadian bio-energy industry:


CDEA - the Canadian District Energy Association - an industry association representing utilities, government agencies, building owners, and others who wish to promote district energy in Canada:


CEA - the Community Energy Association - is the ‘first stop' for local government leaders in British Columbia who wish to address energy sustainability and greenhouse gas reduction issues:


IDEA - the International District Energy Association - a nonprofit trade association founded in 1909 to facilitate the exchange of information among district energy professionals: