Revelstoke Community Energy Corporation Sustainability



The Revelstoke Community Energy Corporation contributes to the sustainability of the community in the following ways:


- The district energy system utilizes a local fuel supply, currently using up to 4,000 tonnes of wood residue from the Downie Timber mill that would otherwise have to be trucked out of town for disposal.  There are a number of other local options for the plant feedstock, such as wood waste from other mills, pulp wood from the Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation, and wood residue from the forestry operations in the region.  (see – link to Security of Supply)


- The City of Revelstoke and local businesses that are on the district energy system are guaranteed long term, usually 20 years, low prices for energy, and long term stability in energy costs, thus improving their competitive advantage. (link to customer list)


- RCEC provides local employment directly through its own operation, and indirectly through the forestry sector which produces the resources used in its operation.


- RCEC revenues stay within the Revelstoke community.  The City as the sole owner, will receive in addition to the usual tax revenue, a seven percent return on its preferred shares.


- The air quality in the Columbia River Valley has been substantially improved by the elimination of the Oliveen burner, and by the provision of clean, green, energy to the major buildings belonging to the City, and to the other buildings on the system.


- RCEC contributes greatly to the reduction of Green House Gas (GHG) in the City.  Biomass district energy systems are generally considered very “green” because the feedstock is from a renewable source – the local forest.  The GHG produced during transportation is minimal – the wood residue used is produced by the Downie Mill on site, which is literally next door to the energy plant.  The local consumption of the wood residue also eliminates the GHGs that would have been produced if the residue was transported out of town for disposal.